SuiteCRM MailChimp Sync

Oct 19

I have just created a SuiteCRM (or SugarCRM) module that can export data from any module(s) to a MailChimp list(s).

It allows multiple records/exports to be set up and runs from the scheduler to do the export and sync.

Please give it a try and send feedback to crm at  See the full README below.

You can download the module from the SuiteCRM Forum here.

This module can export data from any SuiteCRM (or SugarCRM) module to a MailChimp List.

After installation you need to:
1) Run a quick repair and rebuild to build the extended schedular
2) Create a scheduler to run the MailChimpSync schedular at least once a day
3) Create at least one chimp_export record that defines an export
4) Set the mailchimp API ID either in the individual record(s) or in the key
    $sugar_config['mailchimp_api_id'] in config_override.php to apply to
    all records that do not have an api_key filled in.
    This also allows you have a default api_id in the config and override it
    in individual exports if needed.

For 3) above you need to set the following:
1) The module to export from
2) The first name field of that module (normally first_name)
3) The last name field of that module (normally last_name)
4) 1 or 2 filter fields and values to limit the records exported to MailChimp. (eg. by city)

The scheduler will:
1) Create the MailChimp list(s) specified if it does not exist
2) Export all matching records from the module to the list
3) Keep the status of each record in the chimp_status table
4) Update the status if it changes on MailChimp
5) Delete the record from MailChimp if it no longer matches the filters

Every list created by this module has a merge field CRM_ID and each record has the id from
the module in that merge field.  This is useful for custom links in MailChimp templates.

Please notify me at crm at if you use (or try) this module!

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